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About Encobe

Encobe Consulting is a multidisciplinary group of individuals who specialise in building energy optimisation, life cycle management and operational cost efficiency solutions. Our practical and comprehensive  research based approaches provide a strong background to our solutions and gives our clients a better understanding of what can be achieved with building operation and energy optimisation and efficiency. 


Services and Consulting

We provide a wide range of services all focused and oriented to save energy and cost in the buildings. We provide high technology solutions for the buildings of today and tomorrow. Our services include detailed analysis and break down of energy use, shape orientation and other factors that impact the energy use and operations in a building. Our core services can be defined as follows.

Massing  Feasibility

With correct building massing and data-driven decision making for orientation, mass splits, volume, and other factors, we enable our clients to better understand the full potential of their real estate asset.



Having the right architectural program for your building is equally important as having a great design, we help our clients unleash the potential of the site by proposing perfect fit use cases and architectural programs for the real estate.

Energy Performance

With almost 80% of the building expenses comes from the operation phase, we help our clients in designing a energy concept to optimize for cost over the life cycle of the building.



Our services include energy simulation, thermal comfort and ventilation design, envelope design and optimization, building energy simulation and BEM modelling.

Parametric Optimization

Using parametric design and scalable coding structure we create simulation and optimization models for buildings.



The use of Grasshopper with Python gives the flexibility and scalability to produce rapid results for large scale projects. Using parametric modeling, we can create innovative solutions to large scale problems

Compliance and Certification

Want to get your asset certified as a sustainable green building? With our in house LEED/EnEV/KfW consultants we make the process easier and advise our clients on the best methods and trade practices.



We also make our projects compliance-ready with more than 3 major certification systems, so our clients get the best of sustainability consulting without bearing the financial constraint of getting the certification.

80% of the building-related cost comes from life cycle and operations.

Let's get you saving money!

Try our Flash Report!

Flash report is a proprietary product of Encobe Consulting Group. It provides a high-level preliminary investigative report prepared by our experts based on a database of sustainable and energy efficiency solutions.

If you are looking for a quick analysis of the cost and carbon saving potential of your property, request a Flash Report. We will get in touch with you in a flash.

Over 80% of the cost related to a building comes during its life cycle and operations. Designing for a sustainable solution not only ensures lower carbon emissions during the building life cycle and operations, but also corresponds to lower cost of operation and more profit for the building owners. 

At Encobe, we focus on reducing the OpEx cost and optimize the capital investment based on our clients scope. We provide detailed cost estimation, with estimated payback times for all the sustainable measures suggested by our experts. 

Why Sustainability?

A team rooted in scientific research-based problem solving.

We believe that every problem has an optimal solution which can be achieved through a fact-based approach built on scientific integrity and with a mindset of business consulting. To learn more about how we work, get in touch today!

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