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“Provide intelligent solutions through research and inspire change.”
Encobe consulting group provides feasible and practical high-value energy solutions based on
extensive scientific research.

Meet the Team

Meet the diverse team of Encobe Consulting Group.


Design architect with focus on software and architecture interfacing, planning and facade optimization design.

B.Arch, PGD(Renewable Energy), MBA

Suryaveer Patnaik

Managing Director


Expert energy engineer with focus on energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions, providing feasibility study and energy audit, implementing EnMS.

Energy Engineer, Renewable Energy, MBA

Mohammad Eslami

Head of Energy Systems


BIM specialist with special focus on energy simulation and design improvement for energy efficiency.

B.Arch, LEED Green Associate, MBA

Rodrigo Carvahlo

Head of BIM and Simulation


Urban mobility specialist with more than 8 years of experience in sustainable architecture and planning.

B.Arch, LEED Green Associate, MBA 

Bruno Schnellrath

Managing Director


Project Management and HVAC execution experience in Airport Construction projects, Focusing on Building Life Cycle Assessment and MEP Planning concepts.

B.Tech(Mech), LEED Green Associate, MBA

Sarath Sasidharan

Head of LCA and MEP Planning

A team rooted in scientific research-based problem solving.


We believe that every problem has an optimal solution which can be achieved through a fact-based approach built on scientific integrity and with a mindset of business consulting. To learn more about how we work, get in touch today!

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