Multi-family Residential Apartment, Berlin

Energy audit and whole building energy simulation
Project Description

The project included energy modelling and proposing energy saving measures for a 1910-built apartment building with commercial spaces on the ground level. The client was the building owner, who himself was a resident of the building. With its historical importance and heavy construction, the building offered significant challenges and opportunities for proposing cost-effective energy saving measures.

Project Scope

Under this project, Encobe’s team developed a 3-D Model of the building at the client’s request followed by a detailed Energy Audit and Whole building energy simulation. Subsequently, 11 different combinations of energy conservation measures (cases) were generated. These cases were ranked based on cost effectiveness and ease of implementation and the optimum solution was suggested to the client.

Project Area

3041 sqm



Heating Energy Reduction


Estimated Payback Time

9.09 Years

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