Preliminary Energy Audit – Abu Dhabi Mall

Energy Audit Report for Energy Conservation Retrofit Tendering
Project Description

The report was generated from data provided for requesting proposals for the preparation of an Energy Audit that will provide recommendations to recover energy where possible and reduce the energy cost arid usage at Abu Dhabi Trade Center property.

Project Scope

Encobe role was to develop a preliminary energy audit report to describe the best Energy Conservation Measures (ECM’s) for the retrofit of the project. Encobe evaluated three different scenarios whit a combination of different ECMs which led between 7-30% energy consumption reduction compared to the current benchmark of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries. The simple payback period varies from 2.3 to 8.4 years for different scenarios.

Also, Encobe provided sensitivity analysis for each scenario to assess the impact of changes of uncertain variables like fuel price on financial indicators like payback period.

Finally, Encobe provided risk analysis to evaluate the risk of implementation of ECMs under each scenario. It is quite important to provide sensitivity analysis and risk analysis to give confidence to the project owner for implementing the selected ECMs under each scenario.

Project Area

Energy Saving


Simple Payback

8.4 years



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